Tandem Paragliding FAQ

Tandem Paragliding FAQ

booking a tandem paragliding flight with paragliding florence is very simple.

  1. choose you preferred schedule through our calendar in home page
  2. complete the booking process choosing your favorite payment system.
  3. get our pilot confirmation via our booking system email.

After above steps we look forward to see you at our meeting point.

If we can’t fly due to the weather conditions we will try and accommodate you at another time/day.
As our activities are weather dependent, we would recommend to book your paragliding experience earlier during your stay in Florence rather than later. That way you have got a greater chance of flying.

At any time you can check you order and flight status by logging in to our website. For this, we recommend (even if it is not necessary) to allow us to register your details at check out so that later you can access you dashboard page.

Tandem Paragliding in Tuscany is possible all year round. Summer days are mostly flyable while we fly less during the winter season.

Yes! Two of our pilot can take off at same time allowing a couple to fly “together”. Amazing video and pictures can be taken in this scenario.

Meeting point is at Tamoil Station i via di Mearino, Reggello. More info can be found here: https://paragliding-florence.com/#howtoreach

If you selected the additional pick up option while booking your flight than we will will meet at Figline Val D’Arno train station.

We will provide you with helmet and gloves, but you are welcome to bring your own (gloves necessary only during winter time).

Good shoes are required, as you are required to be able to run for the takeoff. Ideally something with ankle support, however sneakers or running shoes will be fine.

We reccomend that you bring a sunglasses, and a jacket appropriate to the season. Something that will protect against wind is fantastic for flying in.

You can leave belongings in the van, which will meet you at the bottom of the mountain after landing.

Our rotation time is one hour and half, from meeting you at the Meeting Point, to landing at the end of your flight.

Our average flight time is 15-20 minutes. If we have thermals and good conditions, we can occasionally extend the flight to 25-30 minutes

Yes. Our weight limit for passengers is 25kg to 120kg. Children under 18 require parental consent to fly, and we have a children harness especially designed for kids. Children must be minimum 7 years old.

Yes. We have a huge landing field, and it is a good place to watch the flight and see the landing.

We sometimes allow non-tandem-passengers to ride to the takeoff in our van.

You are welcome to bring a camera on the flight, as long as we are able to tie it onto your harness and secure it in case of it being dropped.

We are not responsible for any personal belongings being damaged during the flight.

Yes. Our pilots capture a fantastic selection of photos and videos during your flight and the service is included in the flight package price. 

We copy the photos and videos directly onto your mobile phone, or onto a USB stick that we provide, if mobile is not an option.

Each one has it’s own comfortable harness. While in the air both sits almost like on a sofa.

Passenger sits in front and pilot is behind slightly higher.

Yes, subject to conditions and your pilots safety assesment of the day.

Please inform the pilot before your briefing, as an extra briefing is required for this.

We will be very happy to explain you the basics of paragliding piloting.

Yess! As a pilots we do love when some customer request it. We have a special tandem flight option to fly extensive acrobatic manoeuvres. 

We called this option Acro G Force Tandem. You can see the details on our pricing section here.

Paragliding is NOT and extreme sport NEITHER dangerous. When done after proper training or with expert tandem pilots and using quality equipments, the level of risk exposure is not higher than the ones to which we are normally exposed living a normal life.

We support very much this scheme. Before booking a flight for a person with disability please call or have a chat with us to organise at the best the flight experience.

Definitely Yes! we do offer Tandem Paragliding Gift Card of different size. Please choose the one that most fits to your need. 

You gift will be unforgettable!

The receiver will get a gift card by email with a unique code that allows her/him to use it to book a tandem paragliding experience at his best convenience through our booking system. 

For customer ordering a tandem flight with credit card, we offer a full refund policy within 7 days from the date of order.