Gift Card Paragliding Florence

Gift you Wings

An extraordinary and unforgettable tandem paragliding flight experience in Tuscany within a simple gift card.

Whether the tandem paragliding gift card is for your girlfriend/boyfriend, relatives or your boss, gifting a tandem paragliding flight is not a normal gift, it’s an unforgettable one! The receiver will enjoy Tuscany landscape from a privileged bird’s eye view. We will record all the phases of the flight experience with a GoPro camera.

How it works

Go to our website

On the gift card section of our website you can easily purchase a free flight tandem paraglidig experience.

Customize your gift card

customize you gift card for a tandem paragliding flight in Tuscany choosing the amount and your preferred illustration.

send the gift card via email to the receiver

our system will give the possibility to send the email directly to the receiver or issue it to the sender so that can be printed and be ready for maual delivery.

Gift Card Paragliding Florence

Easy to Gift Unique to get. Unforgettable to fly.

The receiver can use the gift card code to book a flight on our website acoording to his preferred schedule. Gift Cards do not expire and can be delivered directly to the receiver or issued to the sender for a manual delivery.

Our flight take place mostly in Reggello (Fi). Everybody healty and from 18 YO on can fly. See our FAQs

Feel free to get in touch to get support to purchase a gift card. We are alway available through WhatsApp at the following link.